Moscato Wine Jelly

Flavor Profile

Love the wine, love the jelly! Enjoy the flavors of a sweet, crisp Moscato. Moscato lovers everywhere flock to this jelly. Seriously! Every bite of this Moscato wine jelly boasts the same crisp, sweet, smooth goodness you have come to expect.

Suggestions for Uses

  • Ideal with foie gras patè, fruit salads, and ice creams

  • Top shortbread cookies

  • Combine the flavor pairing of cheese and wine in a jelly form

    • Cream cheese

    • Creamy goat cheese

    • Brie

    • Camembert

    • Triple cream

    • Blue cheese

  • Spoon atop mascarpone for dessert

  • Serve this wine jelly with turkey as an alternative to cranberry sauce

  • Delicious with crepes

  • Pour over Baked Brie

  • Make adult PB&J's

  • Spread on toast

  • Make thumbprint cookies

  • Add it to your cocktails

  • Warm up and serve over ice cream for a scrumptious banana split

  • Use as a glaze on pork tenderloin

  • Drizzle over panna cotta

  • Spread this on your favorite bread, muffin, scone, or biscuit

  • Use as a glaze for ham

  • Top chocolate peanut butter cups

  • Use in truffles

  • Add to coconut milk to make a white wine cream sauce for oyster mushrooms or scallops

  • Use to saute mushrooms and spoon over baguette pieces topped with halloumi cheese

  • Use it to braise broccoli with lemon pepper

  • Add it when you cook angel hair pasta with lemon, garlic, and cherry tomatoes

  • Use it when you cook quinoa or risotto

  • Use it in smoothies with berries and melons or mango

  • Adventurous eaters who want to be rewarded with a sophisticated fusion of flavors can try it in basil-infused olive oil cupcakes

  • Add it to your mix for frozen watermelon and white wine granita

  • Great on a cheese platter

  • Finish glaze for pork

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