Are you ready for the unofficial start of summer's Memorial Day cookout on Monday, May 30th? No matter what you're barbecuing...steak, chicken, pork, lamb chops, portobello mushrooms, shish kabobs, wings, ribs, ears of corn, etc. we've got you covered with all our grilling preserve favorites:

  • Apple Chutney,

  • Apple Cider Jelly,

  • Apple Hot Pepper Jelly,

  • Bourbon Bacon Jam,

  • Curried Tomato Marmalade,

  • Garlic Jelly,

  • Grand Marnier and Ginger Carrot Cake Marmalade,

  • Habanero Jelly,

  • Kiwi Jam,

  • Mai Tai Preserves,

  • Mango, Coconut, and Macadamia Nut Conserve,

  • Mixed Berry Jam,

  • Mulled Red Wine Jelly,

  • Nectarine Habanero Jam,

  • Papaya Jam,

  • Pear Honey,

  • Raspberry Chipotle Jam,

  • Savory Spiced Mango Conserve,

  • Scotch Bonnet Cherry Jelly,

  • Strawberry Margarita,

  • Sweet & Spicy Double Onion Marmalade

We hope that you are staying healthy during the pandemic. We are happy to offer "no contact" drop-offs during this unique time. Being a small, local, start-up business we really appreciate your support! We've lovingly made all your favorites and are fully stocked up with your top flavors: Monkey Butter, Habanero Jelly, Garlic Jelly, and Apple Cider Jelly.

Don't forget that 10% of profits are donated to cancer research.

Preserving Life: That's My Jam!