Pear and Chocolate Jam

Flavor Profile

It tastes a great deal like a slice of pear dipped into chocolate fondue. Thick with hand-cut chunks of golden pears, these preserves are luscious served with pancakes or with hard and soft cheeses. A favorite of those who love the lingering, mellow, low acid sweetness of soft, ripe pears.

Pairs well with Pinot Grigio, Asti Spumante, Bardolino, Bordeaux, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Light Red Wines, Madeira, Rioja, Sancerre, Sangiovese, and White Zinfandel

Suggestions for Uses

  • This jam would make even rice cakes taste like an indulgent treat

  • Spread on buttermilk biscuits for a delicious dessert

  • Taste it with some fresh croissants

  • Make turnovers

  • Buttered toast and grilled jam and cheese sandwiches

  • Spread on graham crackers topped with slivers of sharp cheddar

  • Dip a sugar cookie in it

  • Enjoy it with warm brioche or crumbly butter scones

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