Peach Blueberry Jam

Flavor Profile

Juicy fresh peaches. Sweet, ripe blueberries. Lightly sweetened and perfectly set.

Fat Free, Saturated Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Sodium Free

Pairs well with Casalone Mariposa Brachetto, Malbec, Champagne, German LH, Petite Syrah, a smoky Merlot, Zinfandel, Muscat, Asti Spumante, Beaujolais, Bourgueil, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sancerre, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, and Italian sweet sparkling

Suggestions for Uses

  • Serve over ice cream
  • Wonderful on toast, scones, and muffins
  • Add it to crumbles and overnight French Toast
  • Goes great with peanut butter
  • Best served with a warm, flaky croissant
  • Great flavor for your yogurt and pancakes
  • Great addition to those favorite poultry, fish, and pork recipes

Preserving Life: That's My Jam!