Watermelon Rind Konfyt

Flavor Profile

Watermelon rind konfyt is crunchy and chunky and the spices add a beautiful aroma and subtle taste to this preserve. With its beautiful color and intense watermelon flavor, this konfyt preserves summer to enjoy long after the cool weather arrives. A true celebration of summer, this konfyt tastes like biting into a slice of perfectly ripe watermelon, boasting a refreshing sweetness from real fruit juice. Every region has it's own version of this tasty watermelon treat, American Southern Style, Balkan, South African Waatlemoen Konfyt, Greek glyko karpouzi, Macedonian slatko, Armenian Tzmeroog rechel, Ukrainian varenye, Russian варенье, Bulgarian сладко, Romanian dulceaţă, Arabic muraba مربى, Italian Confettura di Bucce di Anguria, Serbian slatko od lubenice preserveetc. Mouthwateringly delicious with a light cinnamon taste, it's great on fish, pork, and roasted corn salsa or serve it after dinner with blue cheese and a tot of brandy.

Pairs well with off-dry Vouvray, pale Provençal rosé, Greek Assyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Awatere Valley, Cava, Corpinnat from Penedès, Côtes de Provence Rosé, Rosé Champagne, Sparkling Wine, port, Vermentino, Soave, Moscato, Muscat Canelli, Orange Muscat, Viognier, and Gewürztraminer

Suggestions for Uses

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