Honeydew Jam

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Flavor Profile

Fat Free, Saturated Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Sodium Free

Pairs well with Port, Vermentino, Soave, Moscato, Muscat Canelli, Orange Muscat, Viognier, Barbaresco, Barolo, Vouvray, and Gewürztraminer

Suggestions for Uses

  • Make crostata
  • Use in place of duck sauce
  • Have a slice of seeded whole grain toast topped with a light spread of butter and a healthy douse of melon jam
  • Mix into yogurt
  • Top appetizers of whole wheat bread with Manchego cheese, honeydew jam, fresh mint leaves, and walnuts
  • Serve with floral soft and hard cheeses and water crackers
  • Top an ice cream sundae
  • Have it on your breakfast English muffin
  • Try it on salty pretzels
  • Tasty on pancakes
  • Used as a topping or garnish for desserts
  • Mix into your smoothies

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