Giving Back

Cancer Charity Partners

I donate 10% of our profits to esophageal cancer research. The name JP's Delight is for my dad, John-Paul, who inspired me to follow my dreams. Unfortunately, he passed away 2 months before the initial start of JP's Delights after an 11-month battle with stage 4 esophageal cancer. This is my motivation for donating 10% towards esophageal cancer research.

Recycling, Reusing, & Reducing

Did you know that you'll get a 10% discount for helping us promote the 3 R's of recycling, reusing, and reducing?

We are committed to helping future generations inherit a healthier, greener planet and so we are offering 10% off to patrons who bring back their glass jars or show us how they have cleverly reused and repurposed their glass jars. Just find us at an event and return your empty glass jars for an automatic 10% off.

Preserving Life: That's My Jam!