Peach Preserves

Flavor Profile

Peachtopia! Perfectly ripe peaches preserved with just the right hint of sweetness.

Good Source of Vitamin C, Fat-Free, Saturated Fat-Free, Cholesterol-Free, and Sodium-Free

Pairs well with Asti Spumante, Beaujolais, Bourgueil, Cabernet, Champagne, Chardonnay, Sancerre, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc

Suggestions for Uses

  • Make your own fruit-flavored yogurt

  • Bake some brie: Top that wheel of cheese with a few spoonfuls of jam, wrap the whole thing in phyllo or puff pastry, and bake at 400 degrees

  • Add some to a pan sauce for meat: use peach preserves and brandy for pork chops

  • Shake it into a cocktail: Think peach with whiskey

  • Top creamy desserts: Pudding, panna cotta, etc.

  • Make stuffed French Toast: First, make a jam sandwich with white sandwich bread, challah, or brioche. Next, soak the sandwich in eggs and milk. Finally, pan-fry in lots and lots of butter.

  • Whip up the ultimate grilled cheese: Preserves + melted cheese + golden, toasted bread

  • Make shortcakes: fill shortcakes with jam and whipped cream

  • Top your pancakes: Turn preserves into syrup instantly by boiling it with water

  • Transform ice cream

  • Use it to make popsicles: Thin preserves with water and you've got a popsicle base that beats the hell out of juice.

  • Turn cookies into sandwich cookies, make hand pies, whip up a galette, or make an impressive tart.

  • And definitely make bar cookies.

  • Add it to a salad dressing: The touch of sweetness will help balance your vinaigrette and make it sing

  • Stuff a pork loin or a chicken breast: Use a long knife to cut out a 1-inch tunnel all the way through the loin (or breast). Fill with jam preserves and bake like normal

  • Fill crepes: Spread a thin layer of jam on each. Roll and eat.

  • Melt it into a glaze for sweets...Heat jam on the stove with a bit of water or lemon juice until it's melted and liquidy, then pour it over a simple cake or cheesecake

  • Braised Brisket with Bourbon-Peach Glaze or use that glaze for all things savory, glaze brisket as it cooks, brush over chicken drumsticks to make them sticky and finger-licking

  • Make something British: The classic British dessert called a fool is essentially just whipped cream with fruit folded in—but, of course, you can fold in preserves instead. Add meringue to the equation and you can call it Eton mess.

  • Stir it into barbecue sauce: use it to doctor up the store-bought stuff or mix it into your DIY version

  • Dollop jam onto cornbread, crumb cake, or brownie batter, swirl, and bake

  • Bake it into a cake: Mix it thoroughly into the batter of gingerbread or layer cake

  • Put it on your cereal: Forget brown sugar—sweeten up your bowl of oatmeal or porridge with a dollop of preserves instead

  • Bake rugelach

  • Make flavored chocolate: Stir a spoonful of jam into a warm ganache and pour it over cakes. Or refrigerate until firm and use it as a filling for French macarons.

  • Make better biscuits: Instead of slathering your biscuits with jam, bake jam right into the biscuit.

  • A great addition to those favorite poultry, fish, and pork recipes

Preserving Life: That's My Jam!